Know You Are History

Born and Razed: Young Voices

I am curating a show in November in Washington, DC. I encourage all artist under 25 to apply with existing work or to create work around the theme. Use your creativity to critique the word we live in and #knowyourehistory


The last words said by Black youth murdered by policemen. 

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Robin Rhode.

School of Fish, 2011. 9 photographs, ed. of 5.

School of Fish (detail).

X (After the Barcelona Chair), 2010. 9 C-prints, 50 x 50 cm.

X (After the Barcelona Chair) (detail).

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Solo Show. ARE YOU YOU at MoCADA Museum 

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Njideka Akunyili | The Beautiful Ones #1b [alternative take] & Nwantinti [along two details], both 2012.

"It was a layering of multiple interests. Obviously my love for Nigeria where I was born, my love for my life here, my love for my husband.. and just try to figure out a way the two kinda exist in a harmonious way.”

"I think of my work as capturing the very ordinary. Just normal.. everyday stuff. I think there is something beautiful and powerful in the things that happen daily. Intimate situations.. sensual situations.. these [situations] people don’t get to see. I think there is a beauty in that I’m very attracted to.. that I try to get out.”

@ Studio Museum’s Artists-in-Residence talk on youtube.

Don’t forget to visit her website for more.

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