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"Criticality is a strategy for the production of knowledge. Our view is that art should interrogate the social and cultural ideas of its time. Other places might want a work to produce pleasure or feelings."

- Charles Gaines (conceptual artist)

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"The understanding of art depends finally upon one’s willingness to extend one’s humanity."

- Ralph Ellison

Saturday, March 1st, we’re partnering with The Schomburg Center to present Ellison at 100: Reading Invisible Man. This week we’ll be sharing our favorite Ralph Ellison or Invisible Man quotes or artwork using #Ellison100. Stay tuned and use the hashtag to share your favorite quotes and artwork too! (via studiomuseum)


from highness (2012), delphine diaw diallo

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Check out this video on Vimeo documenting the recent Black Is, Black Ain’t symposium featuring curators Thelma Golden, Huey Copeland, Kellie Jones, Hamza Walker, and Bennett Simpson. 

Black Is, Black Aint was an exhibition held at the Renaissance Society at The University of Chicago in April of 2008. The exhibition, which takes it’s title from Ellison’s Invisible Man,  explored the shift in a “rhetoric of race from an earlier emphasis on inclusion to a present moment where racial identity is being simultaneous rejected and retained.”The exhibition featured artists such as Terry Adkins, Paul D’Amato, David Leventhal, Glan Ligon, Rodney McMillian, Sze Lin Pang, Pope.L, Andres Serrano, and Michalene Thomas.

The symposium was held on December 8, 2013 and celebrated the release of the Black is, Black Ain’t exhibition catalogue, which you can order here. 

Be sure to listen for Hamaza Walker’s mention of CAMH’s Valerie Cassel Oliver!

"Curating, it seems to me, might best be understood as a kind of relationship – a friendship – that is both committed and somehow capricious enough to be, in any product of the relation, altruistic. There’s a very real possibility that artists and curators are the same and the other to one another."

-  Ed Atkins on “Being Curated” (via blackcontemporaryart)